Professor Fiona Wood Inspires at National Science Week Assembly

  • Dates: 22 – 22 Aug, 2018
Science Week (Copy)

At the Kingsway Secondary National Science Week Assembly on 15 Aug 2018, our visiting speaker, Professor Fiona Wood captivated the hearts and minds of our Year 7 – 12 students on her theme of “Game changers and Change Makers – Striving for Excellence”. In a thoroughly engaging and light-hearted manner, Prof Wood spoke on her discovery and innovations of `Spray-on’ Skin technology as a plastic surgeon and medical science researcher. Afterwards a small panel of Year 7-12 students came up on stage and interviewed her.
Through her life story, anecdotes, numerous words of wisdom and encouragement, many of our students were inspired to dream big, work hard and make this world a better place than before, despite all odds. Her passion, her medical-breakthrough research and her life from humble beginnings told a larger-than-life story beyond just science and medical technology. She has inspired each of us to become a better person by using our God-given gifts to serve those around us. Both staff and students have benefitted tremendously from her visit. Her charisma, indomitable spirit and commitment to excellence has been exceptional.
Professor Wood stayed on for a morning tea served by students from the College Hospitality programme leading to a Certificate III in Hospitality. The tea was catered for by the students and they served barista coffee from the newly acquired mobile coffee cart. Staff, students and Alumni were able mingle and some had the opportunity to talk to Professor Wood. Afterwards she visited our Year 12 Human Biology students in the laboratory where she chatted to the class in a relaxed manner and answered their many questions.
Principal, Mr Peter Burton said, “We are privileged to have had a world renowned WA scientist and former Australian of the Year visit us to speak in such a relatable way and encourage all to follow their passion and dream big.”