Kingsway Hosts Primary Ecumenical Service

  • Dates: 13 – 13 Jul, 2018

Ecumenical Service (129)
On the 29th May, the College hosted the IPSHA Ecumenical Service for the first time. Primary Student Councillors and staff from nineteen Independent Primary schools attended the event, including Bunbury Cathedral Grammar school who travelled up by bus to participate.

All the students arrived looking very smart in their winter uniforms and they enjoyed a morning tea in the Gym and played some games organised by Mr Sam Sheedy and our own Councillors, which encouraged them to mingle with other schools. Teaching staff were entertained by our Senior Strings Ensemble.

The Ecumenical Service then took place in the Auditorium and Mr Quinlivan, Head of Primary welcomed everyone and opened in prayer. Our Primary Choir sang the National Anthem as well as two other songs entitled ‘Arise, Shine’ (written especially for the choir by Mrs Celesti Weck) and ‘Tomorrow Needs Us’.

Ecumenical Service (107)
College Chaplain, Mr Luke Wiseman gave an engaging talk entitled ‘Colour Your World’ which pointed everyone present to God and this was followed by a fun and colourful Drama presentation by 6ST called ‘When the Crayons went on Strike’.

A representative from each school came up on stage and presented a monetary gift for the Kids with Cancer charity. Mrs Davis, our Primary Music teacher then led everyone in some rousing worship songs, which were really enjoyed by the students and the event was closed in prayer by  Mr Quinlivan.