Secondary Easter Service

  • Dates: 24 Jun, 2016

 The Secondary Easter Service was held on Wednesday 23rd March. After the welcome and prayer the Vocal Ensemble led everyone in the National Anthem and then performed their item ‘Broken Vessels’. Bible readings at the event were done by Aimee Bartell and Stephen Whitmore. Outstanding renditions of ‘Joyful, Joyful’ and ‘Endless Praise’ were given by the Vocal Ensemble and the Worship Band
This year’s Drama piece entitled ‘The Safe Country’ was devised and performed by the Year 11 Drama students and is about humanity seeking refuge in the heart of Christ. This topical presentation followed the journey of a group of refugee children fleeing a war-torn country. The play recounted the life, death and resurrection of Christ, as told by a Middle Eastern Christian within the group, amongst others who do not know Christ. The children used their imagination and play building techniques to temporarily escape the realities of their situation and immerse themselves in stories of Christ’s life and teachings. The Safe Country is a touching performance which celebrates Christ’s outstretched hands towards all of humanity.
Our guest speaker was Pastor Phil Stephenson of Westcity Church. He said that at Easter we are reminded of three things
•    that we have a problem,
•    God has a plan
•    The choice is up to us.
Using some amusing anecdotes as well as an amazing testimony of a lady from his church he was able to make his points relevant to all present.
A moving time of Communion then took place led by Mr Burton during which Mr Vine and Ms Chung played ‘The Old Rugged Cross’. Mr Wiseman closed in prayer and gave all present an opportunity to give their lives to Jesus.
Afterwards guests and staff enjoyed morning tea with hot cross buns in the staff room.