Secondary Easter Service

  • Dates: 24 Apr, 2015

The annual Secondary Easter Service was held on 23rd March 2015. Mr Burton welcomed everyone and opened in prayer. The Vocal ensemble led everyone in the National Anthem and performed a moving version of Amazing Grace with lingering harmonies. The Year 11 Drama students directed by Miss Snedden then performed ‘Moments of the Messiah’ featuring key moments of Jesus’ life including Jesus in the temple as a young boy, the woman at the well and his  betrayal by Judas. Haunting music and moving mime made this a powerful and memorable presentation.
This year’s guest speaker was Tim Healy of Riverview church. He started his talk with a graphic illustration where a used tissue was swapped for a $50 note. He asked the audience whether they thought this was a good exchange and great deal. Tim said that every day people turn down God’s deal which is “Bring me your life and surrender it to me and I will give you my life and all I have to offer in exchange”. This is a great exchange – our sin and short comings in exchange for His forgiveness and purpose. This offer is for a limited time as our lives are brief and come to an end. This offer of a lifetime has to be accepted within our lifetime. God did this for us because of His love and the death of Jesus on the cross is the demonstration of God’s love for us.
Bible readings were given during the service by Sabrina Siani, Timothy Dugmore and Jamie Clemmans and the Worship Band passionately led ‘This I Believe’ and ‘Lead Me to the Cross’. These popular songs touch the heart of the Easter message reflecting on Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection and our redemption.
Communion was led by Principal Mr Burton who provided a time of contemplation of the meaning of Christ’s death and resurrection. Mrs Kerbey closed in prayer offering all present an invitation to turn to Jesus to ask for His forgiveness.
Immediately following the service morning tea was served in the staff room by Home Economics students. Staff, students, parents and invited guests mingled enjoying the eats and refreshments and reflected on this meaningful and memorable service.