2014 College Open Night

  • Dates: 23 Sep, 2014


The Open Night took place on a glorious spring evening. It was a whole College special event at which our community celebrated students’ work whilst reflecting on our many blessings. The night included wonderful music and drama performances, interesting Science experiments conducted and explained by students and a tapestry of artistic displays from ceramics to a full sized decorative tree. The Golf Academy demonstrated lessons and finished with a putting competition and the Cadets proudly showed off their creative exhibit. Many younger participants enjoyed an assortment of fun activities which included a jumping castle, obstacle course, gladiator duel, dinosaur rides and face painting. A record number of cakes were for sale due to the generous contribution of parents and the craft stall was as popular as ever.

The oval was filled with excited chatter with all age groups mingling to create a distinct buzz. Many locals were attracted by the large crowd and came just to see what all the excitement was about. The harmonious community spirit was tangible.

“The purpose of the night was to celebrate God’s blessings in our community” said College Principal Peter Burton. Many parents have expressed their gratitude and these brief extracts sum up the mood:

“(We) wish to express our gratitude to all those involved in the open night right from the excited and enthusiastic students to the endless efforts of the teachers ….. and staff at large, the volunteers and all those involved overall…”

“The girl’s excitement level in the morning was on a par to that of a birthday.”

…“once again thanks for such a great evening and sharing the wonderful moments of our child. We feel so blessed to be a part of this prestigious school.”

An impressive display of 100 ‘then and now’ photos created a lot of interest in the gym with a number of alumni who are now parents finding old photos of themselves and their classmates. The photos clearly illustrated what a long way the College has come over 31 years and how God has blessed us as we have grown from small beginnings with the vision of four families to a thriving school with great facilities and enrolment approaching fourteen hundred. Several former parents and grandparents visited and commented on the exciting changes and growth over recent years. The evening was truly an opportunity to celebrate community and give thanks to God.

Ruston Long
Marketing & Enrolments Manager

Photos courtesy of Julian Masters