Arts Faculty Art Award

  • Dates: 03 Jul, 2012

In 2009 the Kingsway Christian College Arts Faculty put in place for the first time an Arts Faculty Arts Award. The Award is to recognize a Year 12 Arts student of excellence in Drama, Media, Music or the Visual Arts to receive $500 towards their Arts subject study at the College. The award provides financial support for the student to be able to undertake further studies or training in their given area outside the College or to purchase specialist Arts equipment and materials towards creating their course work.

The Award submissions from students requires individuals to submit a creative Arts CV of their time at the College and any other Arts based Community Events they have been involved in, during their most recent 18 months at the College. Once again this year the students’ applications were of an extremely excellent standard. They further highlighted the great talent, dedication and passion that exist amongst our senior Year 12 students in the Arts, here at Kingsway Christian College.

This year the winner of the 2012 Arts Faculty Arts Award, Sam Dix, is an extremely talented young man. A dedicated Drama student, Sam recently had his debut public performance as the apostle John, in the very first Western Australian The Passion of Christ 2012 production in Perth’s Government House gardens. Viewed by an audience of over three thousand at Easter time, Sam contributed to its amazing outreach, as did all of the cast members, to the City of Perth and its excellence as a theatrical production.

During his time as a committed senior student at Kingsway, Sam has been actively involved in a number of theatre productions and performances, notably The Time Has Come (2011) – playing the key roles of ‘John the Baptist’, and the ‘Wedding Feast MC’. He also produced a highly emotional and engaging performance as one of the soldiers who crucified Jesus in last year’s College Easter production, Love Holds the Key. Well respected by his fellow and younger year Drama peers, Sam is well known for his extremely positive, encouraging and inclusive approach to other students in the Arts at Kingsway.

In addition to the many College Drama productions he has featured in, Sam is also actively involved in the Snap Shot Youth Theatre Company. He will be touring with the company as of December and throughout January 2013 in the United Kingdom. During this professional performance time overseas, Sam will also perform at the famous Sadlers Wells Theatre on West End.

Sam intends to use the funds from the award towards further expanding his Drama repertoire and skills through WAAPA workshops and private tuition. An extremely worthy recipient of this year’s Arts Faculty Arts Award, the College and Kingsway Arts Faculty congratulate Sam on his outstanding achievement and wish him every success in his upcoming career performances in 2013 and beyond!