Please note that the College does not run its own bus but there are several Transperth buses that come past the College. Times given below may be subject to alteration by Transperth so please visit the Transperth website.The details below are vaild from 8th March 2020.

  • Route 375 From Mirrabooka Bus Station departing 7:52am, arriving Kingsway Christian College at 8:32am
  • Route 376 From Mirrabooka Bus Station departing 8:00am, arriving Kingsway Christian College at 8:34am
  • Route 450 From Landsdale departing 8:20am, arriving at Kingsway Christian College at 8:33am
  • Route 374 From Whitfords Station departing 8:18am, arriving at Kingsway Christian College at 8:31am
  • Route 375 Departing Stop 23365 on the Kingsway adjacent to Kingsway Christian College at 3:32pm
    Arriving at Mirrabooka Bus Station at 4:15pm
  • Route 450 Departing Stop 23365 on the Kingsway adjacent to Kingsway Christian College at 3:26pm and 3:28pm, arriving Landsdale at 3:48pm and 3:50pm respectively.
  • Route 374 Departing Stop 23365 on the Kingsway adjacent to Kingsway Christian College at 3:30pm, arriving at Whitfords Station at 3:55pm
    For further details see:
Route 352 and 450 Bus Timetables
Route 372 Bus Timetable

Effectivefrom 11 March 2020 an additional schooldays only Route 376 trip will operate from Alexander Heights Shopping Centre to Ashdale Secondary School via Kingsway Christian College. The trip will depart Alexander Heights Shopping Centre (Mirrabooka Av/ Rawlinson Dr) Stop 12535 at 7:59am, Southmead Dr/ Cantrell Cct at 8:07am, Gnangara Rd/ Ocean Reef Road at 8:12am and arrive at Ashdale Secondary School at 8:25am

Changes may occur to the timetable so to check times please visit the Transperth website

SmartRider information

SmartRider is Transperth's electronic ticketing system which offers a cash free method of payment for travel.  This card  provides student fares for any journey Monday to Friday during the school year, and concession fares on the weekend and during the Christmas school holidays.

The College provides SmartRider cards to all K - 12 students and there is no charge for the card itself, which is issued with a zero balance, requiring parents to simply “add value” to the card, if required. Apart from use on public transport, businesses also accept them for identification purposes, particularly for students in the Upper Primary and Secondary years.

The card can also be used to sign in and out from the College Reception for students with medical appointments or needing to see the Health centre during school hours.

If the SmartRider card is lost then a fee of $5 is payable to replace it.