Monday 26th June 2017 marked the day of the Golf Academy’s annual golf event held at Lakelands Country Club.  Despite the cold early morning start, the weather was perfect to play Ambrose.  This is the one day event in which our students can enjoy and compete alongside family members and friends and “showcase” their improved, or in some case newly acquired golf skills.  This year, SEQTA - a multi-award winning K-12 education software company, were our sponsors and played alongside our Kingsway Golfing Academy.  SEQTA as well as Kingsway Golf Academy were very generous in providing prizes to our winners.  It was a fun day and great to see the camaraderie amongst the teams.
The winning teams were: 
The Caulfield Mustangs: Zac, Matt, and Scott Caulfield and James Parker.
Blanchard’s Boys:  Phil Blanchard, Gareth Steyn, and Allies and Heinrich Potgieter
Who’s Your Caddie:  Caleb and Dave Stevens, Steve Baggeley and Lucian Louise