Kingsway Christian College Golf Academy provides an integrated academic and golf programme for students from Year 7 to 12. The programme is structured to produce golfers that are highly skilled and who also possess a strong academic background at the completion of their secondary schooling. The programme was offered for Years 7 and 10 at its commencement in 2011 and was expanded to include Year 7, 8, 10 and 11 in 2012. The course is now on offer to all students in Years 7 – 12. Golf is also on offer in the Primary as an after school club for Years 2 - 6.

All students who successfully complete the Golf programme will receive a national Certificate II in Sport, accreditation in Golf Coaching (Level 0).Completion of the programme will enable students to pursue either a rewarding golf career or careers in recreational and physical education studies at University level.

Golf is the central option of study for students enrolled in the programme and it is incorporated into the student’s mainstream school programme throughout their Secondary education. The programme is also offered as a supplementary qualification for students who wish to specialise in other areas after school. For more information

The Golf Academy uses the Marangaroo Golf Course for coaching in double periods, conveniently located less than 4 km from Kingsway’s main campus. A chip and putt facility at the College is also used for single period coaching. All Golf Academy students receive junior membership at Lakelands Country Club as part of the package. A College bus provides them with transport to Lakelands on Mondays and Tuesday afternoons to play after school.

Enrolment in the Secondary Specialist Sport Golf programme for Year 7-10 incurs a fee of $100 per annum and in the Cert II in Sport (Golf) for Year 11 and 12 incurs a fee of $200 per annum.
Participation in the Primary Golf programme is charged at $50- $100 per term for an 8 week programme. (The Primary Golf programme is not part of the Secondary Golf Academy and does not include junior membership at Lakelands. Primary Golf students will be given the opportunity to play at Lakelands during their senior years in Primary or when they have reached a level of skill that would allow them to participate on that level.)
Coaches in the Golf Programme: Robert Farley and Marangaroo professionals
Teachers in the Golf Programme: Matthew Elliot and Johann Schoeman