On Friday April 28th of April, the Primary school held their first ANZAC Assembly for Year 1-6. The entryway to the gym was decorated with poppies made by the Year 1’s. A large emu feather, surrounded by more poppies provided a backdrop to the stage, a tribute to the 4th Australian Light Horse and the 100 year anniversary of their courageous Charge of Beersheba on October 31st 1917. Each student made an emu feather in Art to form the magnificent sculpture which was facilitated by the Primary Art department. A museum exhibit with ANZAC memorabilia was also set up to the side of the stage.

 Students from 5P explained the significance of ANZAC day and why we take the time to remember those who served Australia in time of war and conflict, and honour the sacrifices they made in our country’s name. They read two letters from WW1, one written by a soldier, and one by a nurse, to their families back home in Australia. They reminded us that communication was very different 100 years ago and letters could take months to arrive. 5P then sang a song, Spirit of the ANZAC.

  Our guest speaker was Chaplain Scott Norman, the Australian Defence Force Chaplain. He said he was moved by the song 5P had just sung and spoke about the characteristics of the ANZAC spirit which the students can carry with them today. Courage, taking responsibility for your own actions and looking after your mates. 

 Wreaths were laid, as bagpipes played Amazing Grace, and it was a privilege to have Mr Arthur Leggett, a WW2 veteran say The Ode. Irwin Palmer then played The Last Post as the flag raisers lowered the flag, which was followed by a minute’s silence. The Reveille was then played and Mr Burton closed the Assembly with the Benediction. 

Many people from the College and community assisted in the ceremony and the students are to be congratulated, all of whom treated this Assembly with profound respect.  If the spirit of the ANZAC’s is in the hands of the young, it is in good hands.