Year 12 Ball (Copy)
What a magical and wonderful night!!
The 2018 Ball was like a fairy tale!! The theme was “Beauty and the Beast”. The decorations reminded you of an old castle and the red and gold of the centre pieces gave it that royal feeling. The chairs had gold and diamante, looking really grand.
The view from the restaurant is always exquisite and the perfect backdrop for beautiful photos. It truly was an exquisite night and a highlight in the life of the Year 12’s.
Ball room dancing was the priority for the night. All the students participated and had a great time while being judged on their abilities!! We had Nevena, a previous student from the College, to judge and lead the competition. The students have been preparing for this since the beginning of the year. It is definitely one of the highlights of the night.
The food was excellent and we enjoyed a gourmet menu. 
It certainly was a night to remember for years to come. 
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