Year 9 Camp 1 (1)
Year 9 Camp
2019 saw the introduction of a Year 9 camp, early in Term 1. The aim of the camp is to assist and set the year up for a successful journey for all students.

The rationale behind the camp, held in the beautiful surroundings of Albany is:
  • To deal with some common reoccurring issues that accompany students in the 14/15 years old range. These are surrounding self-image and acceptance, bullying and the treatment of others, the impacts of social media, study habits and overall direction and purpose at high school. 
  • To fill a gap in our holistic approach to camps, excursions and community development in the middle years of high school and specifically within the Year 9 programme
  • To assist in setting academic goals at the start of the Year 9 journey
  • Team building and the facilitation of activities designed to build cohesion, respect, support and acceptance across the cohort . Activities such as raft building and rafting, team challenges and tribal wars are some of the experiences that the students experience
  • Climbing Mount Toolbrunup to provide life lessons and assist with issues around self-esteem, self-belief, resilience and achievement
  • Touring and experiencing the National Anzac Centre. This fits very well within our Year 9 HASS curriculum 
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