The annual Year 7 camp is held in Term 1 to provide an introduction to Secondary schooling at the College. It usually involves the students being away for two nights. The aim of the camp is to provide an opportunity for students to meet each other, form friendships, and learn organisational skills.

The Year 7’s went to Ern Haliday for our 2017 camp. On the first day, we were split into six groups. To begin with, my group went to do the beach games, where we enjoyed doing challenges using sand. We came back and had a phenomenal lunch before heading off to the next activity which was caving. This was my favourite activity, because we could crawl through manmade caves and there were varying levels of difficulty. Level three was my favourite- I could barely fit through it! A second highlight of the camp was watching the movie ‘Storks’ on Thursday.

When the last day of camp finally arrived, there was a change of plans due to bad, rainy weather- it was certainly not weather for the beach. Instead, we went to the Perth Ice Arena, where we enjoyed playing games and skating on the ice. This was another highlight, and luckily the rain did not stand in our way of having a good time. Overall, the camp was so much fun and was a great way to make many new friends.
Rebecca Osborne 7L