The Year 11 Ningaloo Camp is a compulsory annual event at the College. Students have amazing opportunities to dive with whale sharks and enjoy the natural beauty of Ningaloo Reef which is a fringing coral reef located off the north west coast of Western Australia, approximately 1200 km north of Perth.

The camp is a culmination of training that starts in Year 10 through the Cadet programme for snorkelling and scuba diving. The camp has numerous links to WACE courses of study and for example, students particpating in scuba diving can earn 5 WACE points.

On Sunday April 2nd the Year 11’s of 2017 arrived at school in the early morning darkness to depart Perth for the Ningaloo Reef Adventure Camp, on three comfortable coaches, and accompanied by sixteen experienced staff. The endlessness of the road trip allowed the students time for reflection on the vast size of Western Australia and created a sense of anticipation for the adventures ahead of them.
For the next four days the students explored the dazzling white beaches and a pristine, underwater wonderland of incredible diversity. Turtles, dolphins, reef sharks, colourful coral and more than 500 species of fish were on spectacular display as they scuba dived, snorkelled, underwater scootered, paddle boarded and aqua-rushed their way around the Ningaloo Marine Park. Many students enjoyed the excitement of swimming alongside the majestic whale shark, the biggest fish in the sea! Each day began with a beautiful devotion and Mr Vine playing his saxophone as the students watched the sun rise, taking time to reflect on the majesty of their God and his breathtaking creation.
The students and staff enjoyed the 2017 Ningaloo Reef Adventure Camp immensely. They were taken out of their comfort zones, challenged by new experiences and formed deeper connections with each other and the iconic coastal landscape. By the time the students stopped in at The Geraldton War Memorial on their return trip for a special devotion by Mrs Havinga, small friendship groups had dissolved into one collective group, and as they departed, they took with them memories they will share for a lifetime.