Hayden Cook has been involved with the Kingsway Emergency Services Cadet Corps since 2004 when he was in Year 8. When he joined the Cadets it was being run by Mr Dave Stevens and was then organised by a number of staff members till 2009 when Mr Johann Schoeman took over. In 2009 Hayden helped run the Corp and he now organises the Cadet Shed where the uniforms and other equipment is stored. The shed recently had a revamp where, with funding from a Lottery Grant a mezzanine floor was added. Hayden’s older brother Daniel, also a past student, helps manage the shed.
Hayden says that he feels that Cadets has taught him respect for authority and self-discipline as well as opening up some amazing experiences with camps and other opportunities.
The College would like to gratefully acknowledge Hayden’s dedication to the Cadets. Whilst holding down a full time job he goes the extra mile to help out, even taking the day off work to participate in the annual ANZAC Service.