Duke of Edinburgh's Award

All Kingsway students are given the opportunity to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Programme, commencing in Year 9. The College is one of approximately 70 schools in Western Australia to be licensed to do so.

This prestigious youth award was introduced in the United Kingdom in 1956 and celebrated its 50th anniversary in Australia in June 2012. It is an international award, operating in over one hundred and twenty countries around the World and its patron in WA is the Governor of Western Australia, His Excellency, The Honourable Kim Beazley AC.

The Award is designed to empower young people by enhancing their self-reliance, commitment, personal development, self-confidence and leadership skills. It is also a School Curriculum and Standards Authority endorsed program, with it counting towards the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) requirements. Anyone aged between fourteen and twenty five can do the Award, at one of three progressive levels, which, when successfully completed, lead to a Bronze, Silver or Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.

There are four Sections at Bronze and Silver level, and five Sections at Gold level.
With assistance from adult Award Leaders, Participants select and set objectives in each of the following areas:
• Service: undertaking service to individuals or the community.
• Physical Recreation: improving in an area of sport, dance or fitness activities.
• Skills: developing practical and social skills and personal interests.
• Adventurous Journey: planning, training for and completion of an adventurous journey in Australia or abroad. For Bronze and Silver this could be a weekend away snorkelling or rock climbing for example.
• At Gold level, Participants must do an additional fifth Section, the Residential Project, which involves staying and working away from home doing a shared activity.

The Award is not a competition against anyone else, but rather a personal challenge. It offers Participants the opportunity to work with others whilst focusing on their own unique abilities. All achievements are the student’s own, and are not bench-marked against anyone else. The Award offers a framework for students to focus their interests and abilities. They can enter the Award at the level that best suits them, and choose activities that fit in with their life. The different Sections of the Award give students a chance to experience a wide range of challenges.

A number of Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award recipients from the College have referred to their Award in various scholarship applications at Western Australian Universities.
Completion of a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award provides documentary evidence of community service and leadership, characteristics which are often highly sought after but can be difficult to demonstrate.

Currently Kingsway Christian College has over twenty students taking part in the Award in Years 8 to 12 at Bronze, Silver and Gold level. The Award gives students the opportunity to receive credit for the extra-curricular projects and activities in which they are already taking part.

Over the years, a number of Kingsway students have received Gold and Silver and Bronze awards. The most recent award has been Bronze, given to Stefi Susan Binu of Year 11.