The Emergency Services Cadet Corps commenced at Kingsway Christian College in 1997 offering students challenging, diverse and rewarding activities along with the opportunity to gain valuable skills and become an active citizen in our community. 

The Cadet Corps has approximately 120 students actively participating. Cadet Captains are Chané Kruger and Austin Howell and Cadet Vice Captains are Shannon Oxley and Andrew Mitchell.

As an Emergency Services cadet, students will learn about the diverse nature of Western Australia’s Emergency Services and help to promote public awareness in the management of emergencies at State, regional and local levels.

Emergency Services Cadets undertake core training modules and support these with an extensive range of electives.

First Aid  Search and Rescue Techniques
Radio Courses  Kayaking
Fire Safety and Basic Fire Fighting   Boat and Water Safety
 Rescue Techniques  RST Education
 Navigation and Bush Craft  Advanced Communication
 Drill and Ceremonial  Scuba Diving

Advanced skills training is offered on an individual basis to students who are able and motivated to complete these specialised units, in the learning areas listed below.
* Water Safety
* General Rescue 
* Search& Rescue
* Leadership & Instructional Skills
* First Aid & Emergency Care
o Occupational Safety & Health
o Fire Safety
o Natural Hazards

Cadets 1
When do Cadets meet?
Cadets meet weekly on Monday afternoons from 15:30 – 17.30.

Leadership opportunities exist for senior Cadets with training on Wednesday mornings from 8.00 am to 8.30 am and each Thursday at lunch time.

Water based activities are offered on a Thursday in Terms 1 and 4, dependent on the weather. A Scuba Diving programme is offered in partnership with an acredited PADI training centre as well as a Recreational Skippers ticket qualification. These courses are offered at a reduced rate by being involved in the Cadets programme.

What does it cost to be involved in Cadets?
The Office of Youth Affairs funds the Cadet programme and therefore costs of camps and excursions are greatly reduced. Generally we ask a 50% contribution from parents towards the actual costs of activities. This allows us to offer a rich variety of Cadet activities throughout the year. We do not want cost to be a barrier to involvement - so please discuss with the Unit Coordinator if difficulties arise.

* Cadets is available to all students over the age of 12.

Any enquiries can be directed to