Policy Statement

The safety of all members of the College community is a high priority. Procedures are in place to ensure regular monitoring of facilities to meet legislative requirements and action taken when reasonably practicable to prevent safety and health issues arising.
It is the policy of KCEA Inc to promote and maintain the highest level of safety, health and well-being for all persons employed by or visiting the College campus.
The aim is to:

  • Prevent injuries and ill-health caused by working conditions;
  • Provide a safe working environment, plant, equipment and systems of work to protect workers and others from being exposed to hazards; and
  • Place and maintain staff in an occupational environment designed to satisfy their needs for safety, health and welfare at work.
    The policy provides for:
  • Establishing and maintaining work practices which are as safe as reasonably practicable and minimize risk to health;
  • Responsibility at all levels of management for minimizing the potential for injury or illness to workers and others within their area of responsibility;
  • Responsibility amongst employees for their own and other’s safety and health at the workplace;
  • Effective consultative mechanisms to be promoted and maintained;
  • Training, placement and supervision for all staff to enable them to perform their duties safely;
  • Developing and implementing preventative strategies which include workplace and job design, the identification of hazards in the workplace, assessment of the levels of risk and taking of appropriate remedial action to eliminate and/or control the hazards; and
  • The allocation of resources to meet the aims of the occupational safety and health program.

The policy has been developed to encourage a safe and healthy working environment and ensure compliance with relevant legislation. It will be regularly reviewed with the aim of continually improving safety and health.