Practical Help Levy 2020

The $250 Practical Help Levy will be billed at the start of the year and apply to that Academic year
(February – November 2020).  This enables families to spread the payment of their practical help hours over the year.  Those families who are able to provide practical help, will receive a refund credit to their account after completing the 10 hours and submitting their timesheet. See below to download a Practical Help Timesheet.
Special Exemption for Final Year 12 Students: If your child is in Year 12 and is your last child at Kingsway (i.e. you have no other students attending), you are not required to complete practical help or pay the $250 fee. We realise it is a huge commitment to see your child/ren through their schooling, and this is just a small way to celebrate with you that you are almost there!

  • Who pays the Practical Help Levy?

    Each family is required to contribute 10 practical help hours per year, or alternatively pay the practical help fee of $250, for each year in which they have a child attending the College through to Year 11.

  • Where can I get a Practical Help Timesheet?

    Families can download a Practical Help Timesheet 2020 or collect a hard copy from the College Reception on which to record their practical help activities.

  • Who arranges my Practical Help?

    It is the responsibility of families to arrange their own practical help, and to have their timesheet signed by an authorised member of staff each time they complete help hours.  Please keep using the same timesheet until your 10 hours have been fully completed.

  • What is the due date for completion?

    Timesheets must be returned to the College no later than 27 November 2020 to ensure a refund credit, or part thereof, can be applied against your fees for the 2020 academic year.

  • Can I do more than 10 hour of help?

    There is no limit to the number of hours you can provide; every hour worked is a huge benefit to the College community.  However, any hours worked beyond the required 10 cannot be refunded, and cannot count toward the following year.

  • When will my credit refund be given?

    Credits for 10 hours completion will be processed at the end of each school term.  If you complete your 10 hours of help during Term 1 for example, a credit will be applied to your account at the end of Term 1.  If you complete your 10 hours of help by the end of Term 2, a credit will be applied to your account at the end of Term 2.

  • I am paying Quarterly; how will I receive my refund credit?
    School Fee Statements are emailed before the commencement of each school term.  When you receive your statement, you will see that your remaining payment amount for the current year has reduced.  Please note however that if you submit your timesheet during Term 4, your refund credit will carry forward to the following year.