Thank you to all who took part in the various competitions in 2016.  Many congratulations to David Antonini who won the overall footy tipping competition by two points from Jeremy Thom. Last year David missed out on a tiebreak to Jamie Tan and now joins Jamie as our second double champion. Well done to Paul Whitby and Damien Page who pushed them all the way and ended the season a point behind Jeremy, who collected the second place trophy.
With a great score of 146 points David wins a grand trophy and his name is also engraved on the perpetual trophy. It’s a great effort from someone who lives in Texas, USA! His parents Stephen and Karen Antonini accepted the trophy on his behalf.
Final Standings:
146 David Antonini
144 Jeremy Thom
143 Paul Whitby
143 Damien Page
142 Jamie Tan
139 Matthew Veale
139 Benjamin O'Keefe
138 Simon Scott

Overall Winner: David Antonini (2003)
“It's been great fun being involved with the Alumni Footy Tipping comp over the last few years. Most seasons it has been very competitive, and it's good to be in contact with old friends from KCC days, especially when many of us are distributed around the world now. I love the way that the internet and the ubiquity of social media nowadays allow us all to keep in contact, so hopefully we'll see more alumni events and interaction in the future. As for the AFL tipping, I'd love to see more alumni on the leaderboard next year, because if I'm doing well, there's definitely opportunity for others!” David Antonini
Runner Up:  Jeremy Thom (1995)
“I have been involved in the alumni AFL competition for the last 6 years and have found it a lot of fun. It’s also great being in a comp where you have a chance of winning, even if you have a bad round, where other comps cost money, this is free and the trophies are very good quality and the cash prize is also a nice incentive.
I encourage all former Kingsway crew to have a crack – even if you don’t know much about football, as you never know – next year may be you!” Jeremy Thom
Knockout Competition Winner: Damien Page (2002)
Damien felt he was fortunate to win the knockout competition as he was sure he was going to be eliminated a few times “but thankfully held on.”
“I’ve found the alumni footy tipping competition is a great way to pit yourself against former classmates and other Kingsway alumni, as well as alumni from schools around the country. The Knockout Competition that’s included adds an extra challenge for those who may not be in contention for an overall prize as the footy season progresses; like the main tipping competition it requires a mix of both skill and luck in order to remain ‘alive’ as your competitors are slowly whittled away. I’ve enjoyed participating for quite a number of years now.” Damien Page
EPL Competition Winner: Ben O’ Keefe (1992)
Ben O’ Keefe is making a habit of winning the English Premier League tipping comp with a third consecutive victory. “Thanks to Kingsway for another great season of sports tipping through the Alumni. Very easy to participate on the website and good fun competing against other members.” Ben O’ Keefe
As well as wining the English League event, Ben O’ Keefe was also the inter-school overall Wimbledon tipping champion. Being an Olympic year, we included an Olympic competition which saw some of us tipping on sports which we had little or no idea about. That didn’t stop star tipper Ben O’ Keefe from coming out on top! We look forward to more friendly rivalry next year.