The Reunion for the Class of 1990 was held at the College on 27th November 2010. It was such a pleasure for the graduating class of 1990 and our peer group to once again visit the school after so long. 20 years!
Some of us were among the founding members and students of the school in its first year of operating back in Craigie as Northern Districts Christian College.
Back then we had a few demountable classrooms, second hand desks with ink wells and no facilities!
When we left Kingsway there was only one block of brick buildings and some demountables.
The school is huge now, with fabulous facilities and a real credit to the passion of parents and teachers.
It was great to be shown around by our former Form teacher and Arts teacher, and current Principal Mrs Giroud.
Thank you so much for welcoming us back and allowing us the opportunity to catchup and tour the school.
God Bless!
Michelle Elson (nee Dawes)
Reunion Coordinator