Bibbulmun Hikes

Hiking the entire length of the picturesque Bibbulmun Track which runs for 963 kilometres from Kalamunda to Albany has been a proud Kingsway Christian College tradition since 1999. The first End to End was completed in 2005. The second End to End was completed in April 2010.

The 2015 Bibbulmun hike was certainly a major highlight of the year, despite the mosquitoes, the march flies, the heat and those endless uphills. Soon after the Year 11s finished their exams, a number of us hopped on some buses and headed down south to hike a section of the famous Bibbulmun hike between Pemberton and Northcliffe: a hike a massive 53km in length. We split into two groups, one heading south and one heading north, and we met briefly in the middle on our second day of hiking. You discover that your limits are much larger than you imagined; and receive a great feeling of accomplishment at the end of it all. It is an amazing way to finish off the school year and the blisters are completely worth it.

Over three hundred students, fourteen staff, nine parents and three volunteer leaders have participated in the hikes. Usually twice a year groups of between twelve and eighteen hike the next stage of the track on the journey to Albany. Each hike has its own logistical problems and challenges and yet each hike is entirely unique and an amazing experience for each person involved.

Everyone who has been involved in the hikes has had a unique, memorable and in some instances a life changing experience. People have learned something about themselves, how to overcome challenges, forged friendships, and learned something about what our state has to offer.

We would encourage every student to go on the hikes because the Bibbulmun experience is one that will remain long after you have forgotten what you did or learned at school.